How is a myth formed in these contemporary times? The project Constructions starts off with this question and trusts in the orality and the artistic intervention to desecrate the anonymous entity of the myth and the illusion of truth of the documentary. So… individuals whose journey takes more than 75 years, who have lived one or several lives, they will be creators and characters of their own narration on the prodigious or terrible events of the history of the country they live in. Following the ethnological thesis that claims that “every version of the myth is true,” there will be a first experiential narration-portrait in the voice of its protagonist, which will be stored in the project’s website (, and a second version done by the artist-mediator that will be shown as a video installation. Constructionscreates an orality unfolded by an accumulation of voices. The third version of the myth will be the spectators’. Their personal vision and listening will become collective once they start spreading around, inevitably carrying out the will of the word which is the quintessence of the myth.

Matías Umpierrez

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